we design + we Develop + we advice

About our design

Team UAS NMIMS is a student group that aims at developing and fabricating Unmanned Aerial Systems. Through detailed studies and practical experience in the field, we believe in researching and developing a highly advanced system by integrating advanced modules. Scylla 2k16 being our UAV for the 14th AUVSI's SUAS International Competition secured 5th mission rank of the 50+ teams that participated from all over the world.

We Design

The design determines the quality of the end product by considering all the related factors.

We Develop

Development being the most crucial stage has to be done with the right set of tools and skills both.

We Advice

Our expertise lets us impart knowledge to those who need help in the field.

What we do

We conduct workshops and research in the field of drone technology so as to develop
a highly advanced drone capable of performing various tasks.


We conduct extensive research in the field of drone technology in collaboration with various training centers all across India.


Our Team has been fabricating & testing various flight systems, right from basic RC controlled flights to quadcopters to fixed wing drones!


Having recently participated in the 2016 AUVSI SUAS competition, we intend to participate in various national and International competitions as well.


Apart from only fabricating drones, we also conduct workshops such as "DroneTech" at schools and Universities across India.


"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"
- Henry Ford